Friday, October 28, 2011

OK, that's it, I'm back. For Realz This Time.

Man, I just can't pull off that internet lingo, can I?

Quiet day at the office today. Nice. Only a few minutes until I leave this safe little space ensconsed as I am in my books and binders and papers to push. Only a few minutes until I leave my space and leave to pick up 3 squalling, squabbling loved ones who have hopefully played/napped/eaten enough to be fit for introduction, however limited, into society.
In other words, I'm about to pick up my kids and take them shopping for Halloween candy and friends' birthday presents. I feel like I am looking into the abyss.

I really came on here to post about my fears of writing a far-too-political novel for NaNoWriMo and how that politicism may expose my soft underbelly to at least a few critiquers, if not (Maybe? Pretty please?) someday the general public.

Ah well, the clock has struck...or whatever the little digital timeteller on the right-hand corner of my screen does. It's time to face the wrath of the three drunken pixies.

Oh, and I'll be posting here more often. Srsly. For real...z. Nope, can't pull it off.