Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Just so you know what you're getting into...

I thought I should take just a minute to introduce a part of the mind you've stumbled onto - thereby giving you the chance to move it along, introduce yourself, or pick a fight (that last won't work, BTW, but you might make me cry.)

On my FB profile, I have my political leanings listed as: Socialist-Liberal-ProLife-Conservative...Welcome to Heatherland! I can't simply label myself as any of those things, since I've taken parts of them all and mishmashed them together to create (for me) the perfect mix of humanism, fiscal responsibility, and realism.

That being said, there's not a darned thing in the prolife movement that I don't stand behind. It's really my one political sticking point which, as a Canadian, might make it impossible for me to vote for any party (whenever an election rolls around...) for the first time since I've been 18.

I'm also a feminist, I suppose, but I am also a "masculinist" - I think men should be allowed to be as "manly" as they wish, and women by now should have earned the right to be whatever they darn well please. That for me is to be a SAHM while my husband goes out and earns the dough to feed our kids. When I have to return to work after my mat leave expires (deep breath, it's not for nearly a year, I'll survive, I'll survive...) it's to a job that is traditionally female, nurturing, child-based...yup I'm a teacher - hoping to get a contract as an early elementary teacher, no less.

No business school for me. I dislike money, and really really hate capitalism and consumerism. No big bucks, no fancy car. I get by on handmade (and misspelled) thank you cards, and plenty of drawings of me and a student holding hands and smiling.

I also like having summers off, it's true. I spend a large chunk of them tutoring struggling children and adults who are trying to get their GED to have a better life.

I'm Catholic too. Rather newly converted to the Church of my childhood, but that's another story.

You still here? Haven't run screaming, haven't written 2 or 3 nasty comments on my faith, my politics, my inherent belief in life over all? Thanks for depositing a few cents in my bank of human goodness. If, after all there is anyone even reading this...

I have ideas on blogging as a diary versus blogging as a valuable addition to the wealth of knowledge to be found on the internet. Not sure what this blog is shaping up to be just yet. I'll keep you (me?) posted.

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