Wednesday, June 2, 2010

I finally get to be a rebel!
After all the teenage years of wishing I was truly "alternative", I somehow fell into an alternative lifestyle without even noticing: Catholicism.

Now that we've eliminated every taboo around sex, gender, violence, and politics - religion is our generation's firestarter.

I honestly hadn't noticed this trend when I was an ultracool atheist... I was too busy looking down my nose at my mother ("Look at her, all enveloped in peace and contentment, a slave to a fairytale...") and others of her ilk.

Until I decided to come our of the closet, rosary and Bible in hand, I thought it was "all in good fun". Once I self-identified as Christian (and even worse, as Catholic), I felt a sense of being watched, judged, wondering what people were thinking of my Facebook interests and religious status.

At least I finally fit in somewhere, and it's just what I wanted when I was a kid - to fit in with a passionate group of misfits. Seems like a good plot for a movie script, no?

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