Saturday, April 14, 2012

Stagnation and Doubt

I have stopped writing.

 Ok, no - that would be physically painful/impossible for me. I have, however, stopped working on my WIP and haven't really worked on any of my current side projects. I have been writing tons, but most of my writing is falling into the spheres of journalling or exposition.

I am experiencing creative stagnation. I don't think this is as painful as typical writer's block where the writer has something to say but just can't say it. I just can't disappear into my writing lately. Part of this is because I recently had a revelation: I don't write as well as I need to. I often fall into the common traps of one-dimensionality and too much 'telling'. I want my stories to have the impact they deserve, and I have come to believe that I am (at least currently) not the best person to write them.

But the more I put it off, the more crippling my doubt becomes. I now doubt every single thing I have ever written. I doubt my ability to communicate clearly - much less weave a web of dreams around my readers.

 I have written in a sporadically prolific manner since junior high school. I wrote reams of poetry and piles of songs only to fall silent for long periods. I have had long periods, some lasting years, where I haven't written creatively at all. During each famine, I have doubted that I would ever write anything again.

The difference is that I have never doubted the worth of everything I've ever written.

Until now.


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  2. How rude of leaving a comment only to invite you to follow them. So first time reader, not one to usually comment or say much in this Internet format, (I use twitter and text, but not much more than that).

    Is there something I can read that you have done? What kind of writing do you do? Style etc.

    I'm never going to be a writer, but I often have stories in my head and as i construct them, I notice that to get into this 'world of stories' I often have to get back to the original vision I had, or think of that place that made me dream etc. I have a few triggers, but none the most as these next words. Mill Morton Connaught Killam......

    If you live in Moncton, you probably know what I'm talking about.....

    But who IS Mill Morton? And why could he not kill them? Why has his failed quest scarred the streets of Moncton? Who are they? How old is he? Why does he look so tired? How has

  3. Hahaha...the online graces take awhile to develop - I didn't take offense.

    I write everything...from my fantasy children's series to my first contemporary (and awful) novel to my current paranormal (and slightly less awful) second novel to blog posts, essays, songs, and poetry.

    I NEVER put Mill Morton Connaught Killam together in that way! I usually drive the opposite direction... But now I will not be able to drive it without seeing a plot unfold. :D

    You should try some free associative writing - you obviously have a fantastic imaginationa dn a unique way of seeing the world... You never know, you might be a writer too.