Friday, June 1, 2012


It's been's been decades in terms of "life" time. Everything I am has been broken down into composite parts, and the rebuilding has begun.

I wonder what it will be, this writing life as a single mother, once the dust settles? At the moment, I'm running a 22 hour/day schedule with very little time for personal writing. I have started a business based on my love of words: Check it out if you wish...I'm pretty proud of it.

But what of my daydreams on paper, my thoughts and my characters...? What of Coy and Asher and Sera... They sit, neglected, waiting for my rebirth.

I have life again in words. Again I have found healing, strength, and power in what I write.

My rebirth will be the rebirth of my book. And it will be beautiful.


  1. You write beautifully... I wish you all the best with HALA! And so nice to see you running it on Wordpress rather Blogger :-)

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  3. I think that Blogger is a great platform for running a personal blog... I started WaS on blogger back in 2008. But if you're going to have a business site, I think that Wordpress is really the way to go. I'm sure that there are examples of successful business sites running on Blogger, but Wordpress is much more powerful.

    Now waiting to see some sort of update on HAHA... (hehe.. I chuckled when I saw you misspell your site...)

    1. I'm definitely becoming a Wordpress convert...

      Especially since it's apparently WAY TOO EASY to remove blogger comments accidentally...