Friday, July 16, 2010

The Best Laid Plans...

I am writing furiously these days, and really enjoying it too. I'm trying to think about my story rather than how my story will look compacted in a query letter; about my characters rather than my lack of an agent. They may come, I may be published. If not, this is still a darn cool story.

Yesterday I wrote about the hierarchy in Heaven and Hell. I wrote about what demons are and how angels and fallen angels communicate with humans. I wrote som epretty good stuff, all of it easy and tight and Real.

Today I'm struggling to get the words out on what should be an easier scene. It's written in my head; I can see it, but I just can't seem to spit out the words. I think it's time to pick up my favorite pen with the squishy thing at the end, put on some Jann Arden, and write in my notebook. I still find it, not easier, but better to write by hand. It's more organic somehow; I feel more connected to the process when it's in my hands and not just on my fingertips.


  1. I know how you feel, sometimes you just have to grab a pen. the most important thing is to get it down on paper. You can always change it during revision.

  2. I know, I really have to get into the mindset of "revise, revise, revise". I can get so caught up in finding the "right" word that 30 minutes will pass with no words written at all!

    I have never finished a revision of such a huge project, so mayne that's why I keep thinking it has to be perfect the first time!

  3. Hi Heather,

    I didn't realize you were blogging.

    I think you're onto something with the longhand writing. Years ago, I used to have an hour to kill every morning between the time I had to drop my daughter at school and when I had to be at work. Each morning I headed to my favorite coffee shop and sat with a legal pad and pen and wrote for that hour. It was wonderful and I was never at a loss for what to write. I may have to try it again.

    Best of luck to you!

  4. Hi Heather,
    Speaking of demons, self-editing AS you create is the demon of writing in my opinion. You're so busy worrying about choosing that perfect word that other perfect words are slipping by unnoticed. Of course, everyone's creative process is different, but try working at separating the drafting from the editing/ revising. Just let the images/ ideas/ words flow down through the veins to the fingers holding the pen to see what comes out. Good luck! BTW, if you need a writing buddy, I've been working on a novella for about ten years now :) and am ready to get back at it. Unfortunately for me, vampire love stories have been "done to death" recently.