Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Hot hot heat

I'm not normally one to comment digitally on the weather, the sports I watch (Go Spain!!) or the minutae of my little life, but HOLY SPAMOLI it's hot out. Like Middle East hot. I, with my young-uns, am holed up in my comparatively cool basement hoping to avoid heat stroke.

I have noticed a few things about the heat.

#1. Children's moods spiral downward as the thermometer spirals upward.

#2. It is difficult to be elegant when covered with multiple layers of sweat.

#3. It is possible for a co-sleeping mother of a 2 month old to get less sleep than in cooler weather. I know, the mind boggles.

#4. Popsicles/juiceicles/ice cubes/freezing cold drinks cease to provide relief once the mercury rises past 29 degrees C.

Off I go to melt a bit more. Perhaps I'll melt off a pound or two...wishful thinking!

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